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10 Things boys will never understand

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

There are days/weeks that life can just spiral out of control and I become overwhelmed. On those days I look at the boyfie and sit there in envy of all the things I know guys can just let roll off their shoulders and do not think twice about. I envy that carefree attitude for just HALF a second.....because although they get that, there are SO many simple pleasures I know he will never understand, that can turn my overwhelming days and weeks into a vague terrible memory!

Just to name a few.....

- The euphoria of freshly shaved legs and clean sheets

- Fresh flowers

- Someone playing with your hair

- The smell of Lush Cup O Coffee mask on your face (Click the link. Buy. Thank me later)

- When your Starbucks barista ACTUALLY spells your name right *insert backflips*

- Fuzzy socks, your favorite book, and pho on a rainy Sunday

- Disney movies and wine with your girlfriends

- New lingerie and PJs

- Lush bath bombs & Malbec

- An afternoon in Target when you don't have anywhere else to be

- Joe Malone candles.... Anthropologie candles..... Yankee Candles.....ok, any candle that smells delicious and makes your whole room edible

Lets face it, as women we are pretty fucking magical

and yes, life can be overwhelming, but we were built stronger, and extremely creative/resourceful for many reasons. We not only carry another human being in our bodies for 9 months, but we also push that thing out (sometimes without any drugs).... We can manage in extremely dire consequences to make a tampon last an entire day (walking very carefully), we somehow can turn rent money into Giuseppe Zanottis and then by midnight on the first still have all $1300 for rent.

During those weeks that seem to have been a bit much, I remind myself that I've done more in one day than most could in an entire week. We may not have figured out quite yet how to turn water into wine, but judging from our track record, I'd say it's only a matter of time.


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