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9 Diaper Bag Essentials for the New Dad

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

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This post has been sponsored by MAM. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As first time parents, it's surprising all the things you think will be “No-Brainers,” until it comes time to make decisions on what to buy and where to store everything.

Since we didn’t know our newborn swaddlers diapers from our stage 5 diapers, internet search engines became our best friend!

Being the avid Target shoppers that we are, we started there to see what brands/options were available to us. SO we did what any first time parents would do. We took pictures of literally EVERY brand’s bottle, pacifier, diaper, healthcare product, etc., and went right back home to look up each item for the next few days. One brand that stood out to both of us was MAM. Not only have their products been developed by medical experts, but they also have very strict safety standards. Two items we've already stocked up on are the MAM Comfort Pacifiers and the MAM Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Bottles! Added bonus, they're quick and easy to self-sterilize in the microwave!

For breastfeeding mamas, the nipples on the Easy Start™ bottles are shaped just like mom’s nipple. The shape and texture feels very natural to the baby, making it easier to switch between bottle and breastfeeding. Even with all of those AMAZING things, the part that stood out the most to us was that they have had ZERO recalls in 40+ years! With that information, it was a no-brainer for us which brand we wanted to use for Baby S's diaper bag, as well as all-around nursery essentials.

Now for the fun part! Could Joey put together a better diaper bag than me?! 

His Diaper bag Essentials:

  1. MAM Easy Start™ Anti-colic Bottles

  2. MAM Comfort Pacifier 

  3. Baby wipes

  4. Diapers

  5. Extra change of clothes

  6. Baby Books

  7. Snack for dad

  8. Formula/Breast Milk

  9. Emergency “How to” guide for dad

I gave him an A++! The only differences between our bags were that in place of the snack and “ How to" guide, I had a baby blanket and phone charger.

We definitely still missed a few essential items…. A safety kit, bottled water, etc. BUT thankfully we can just go to or the app, and add anything to our shopping cart for an easy drive-up pick up!


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