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A Quarter Cup of Sugar & A Pinch of Crazy

Being the ultimate procrastinator that I have been throughout the years (I'm working on that), this blog was supposed to launch on November 28th is now a whole year, 1 month, and 33 days later, but it is finally here! Although the timing is a bit off, I still wanted to share my originally planned post for that day over a year ago, because I know that writing that was the catalyst for all the planning and work that has gone into my blog actually launching today....

November 6th, 2015

This year hasn't quite turned out the way I wanted, and definitely not how I expected it to. For instance, this, my first blog post, was supposed to have happened 1 year ago, I was supposed be in Switzerland when it was written, and I wasn't supposed to fall in love on 11/11. Now a year later and I am in my very 1st roommate-less apartment (for the record it's in Scottsdale.... Not Switzerland). The love I thought I found is somewhere in the world being Christopher Columbus with our fur baby, and I'm here taking a break from unpacking, not just to let all these thoughts taking up too much space in my head find their way onto the pages of one of my "oh so chic" journals, but also just to breathe. I want this experience fully sink in.

Here I am. 25. Single. No furniture, and drinking my green smoothie on the floor of my new living room... Ironically, I can't help but feel more excited than I ever have been for my future.

Yes, traveling 3 days across country in Henry (my beat up, but VERY loved 2001 Honda Civic who survived college and a road trip across country) felt like the jumpstart to sorting my way through this cumbersome point in my life that Im lovingly referring to as my quarter life crisis; But I now feel like even 3 days of "Leave the night on" on repeat while driving through the Ozarks, and searching for rock monsters in New Mexico, can't compare to the feeling of a genuine fresh start a few weeks before my 26th birthday.

Frank the tank once told me "26 is the year everything falls into place. Don't settle a day before because it just won't work."

I know I probably completely took that out of context because Frank was definitely talking about my love life, but I think in my case it applies to finally STARTING to get my shit together. I have no clue what this year has in store but these butterflies in the pit of my belly are telling me this will definitely be one for the books.

Fast forward a year and I'm at yet another defining crossroads in my life. I've downgraded from my chic 700sqft studio into a comfy 3 bedroom apartment with my Guppie (younger sister), my amazing roomie Kali, and her adorable fur ball Calvino. Love has found me yet again, and every day I feel like my heart could explode from being so full. I know many people who are lucky if they find it once in their lifetime, so I am definitely counting my blessings from the big guy upstairs that the second time seems to be the charm (don't worry, alllllll the dirty deets to come in a later post). I have a career at a company that values me as their employee, and my Blog is here!!!!! *Insert backflips and cartwheels*

YES, last year was one for the books, and I have so many amazing experiences I can't wait to share with you all, but 2017 is FINALLY the year that everyone gets a peek at what is.... simply Allyssa.




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