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Healthy On-The-Go: Featuring Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothie

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

This post has been sponsored by Odwalla®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being an Influencer and running a company full-time is no joke! I am SO happy with my life, and where I’m at personally and professionally, but I have always been an individual who would make working out a priority. Weekly meal prepping was always a Sunday staple for me, which meant plenty of time spent at my local Safeway. Unfortunately, over the past year, workouts have taken a back seat to running my company. Park time with my pups has become more of a ritual for the pups and my boyfriend. Quality time with the boy has turned into watching our favorite show in bed by 8pm. Also, more time is spent on the Safeway app making grocery lists as opposed to wandering around the store to “check out” what’s in every aisle. 

On the days that I work from 4am-8pm, having a pre-made breakfast like the NEW Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothie® makes a WORLD of a difference in how I am able to organize my day.

My life is more manageable when I have healthy “ready-made” food options available to me. 

Since I know that getting to the gym or out for a run may not always be possible, I make sure that I am being very conscious about what I am putting into my body. The great thing about the Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothies is that they cater to pretty much everyone with dietary restrictions. They taste good (my favorite flavor is the Strawberries & Cream), they are gluten free for all my celiac or gluten intolerant friends, they are vegan so that you do not have to worry about dairy, and they are still a great source of protein.


Obviously this is only one of the many “shortcuts” I have implemented into my life to maintain some kind of balance BUT if it wasn’t working for me, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you all. SO, definitely try out the Safeway App this weekend for your groceries and make sure to add an Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothie to your grocery list since they are offering $1 off! I promise that if you’re a planner like me, this will only help you do that just a little bit better! Find your favorite NEW Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothie near you today!



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