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Me Time: Zest Spa at The Camby Hotel

A big focus for me in 2018 is to take better care of myself. From the terrible eating habits I've picked up, spending more time/money on the things that make me feel complete, and getting back to who I believe IÂ truly am. Sometimes you can fall a bit off track focusing SO much on the needs of those around you, that you forget completely what YOU need.

On January 1st I decided that there was no better way to do this than check into The Camby Hotel's Zest Spa, and checkout from life(....just for the day guys).

First let me just say, if you have never been to The Camby Hotel, you are missing out! It is a part of the Autograph Hotel Collection, and they do the most amazing job at creating a space that encompasses a historical component from the community they are a part of. The decor is so ritzy, and I love that there is a unique chandelier around every corner. Walking into this hotel is like being in any Rogers and Hammerstein movie, if it were set in 2018.

Zest Spa

Walking in I was welcomed in by the sweetest receptionist, who got me checked in about 2 hours before my massage. I like to start my spa treatments off being completely checked out from life. Adios phone!

The second you walk in, "Zest Spa" lives up to its name. Yellow everywhere, subtle wall art of citrus, bright natural light around every corner you turn, and marble. So chic, yet modern and welcoming.

After slipping into my robe and slippers, and stowing away my belongings in the women's lounge, I headed to the outdoor lounge area to relax for a bit. The vibe quickly became more of a "cozy" one. With all of the greenery, the water feature, and my tea, I was in heaven. Lucky me, I was the only one out here during this time!

About 15 minutes before my treatment I moved into the indoor, quiet, waiting room. I'm a sucker for candles and a cozy throw, so I would have probably been perfectly content to spend the rest of my day in there catching up on reading had my massage therapist Scott not shown up.


The treatment I received is called the "Custom Camby Massage". It was fantastic for many reasons, but my favorite part was choosing the scent that would be used in the oils for my skin.

Scott explained to me that Zest Spa works with a company called Body Bliss that are based in Sedona, AZ.

"Body Bliss uses no artificial fragrances and no dispersing massage oils. In addition, our products contain no paraben preservatives, no mineral oils, no harsh laureth and lauryl sulfate cleansers, no phthalates and no formaldehyde donors."

This is not something that usually comes to mind when I go in to receive a spa treatment, but I was glad when Scott explained why they utilize these products as opposed to others, and it was very eye opening.

Scott took me through trying out the different oil scents, and demonstrated how they work the same as perfumes; each scent will react differently to your skin and pull out a different note than it would for someone else. I chose a combination of two, one that pulled out a strong citrus, and the other a more subtle and sweet scent. My massage lasted for 50 minutes, and I can definitely say it helped me start my year off on the right foot!


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