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Verizon Wireless: Total Mobile Protection

Hello Loves!!! We've made it half-way through the week, and one day closer to the weekend!

For me, this means one day closer to pina coladas on the beach with my girls! Which is why last weeks event with Verizon Wireless was SUCH perfect timing! They helped several valley influencers get their phones (and nails) vacay ready.

Josie Jackson of the blog Hello Silhouette and I had the awesome opportunity to co-host this summer kick off with Verizon Wireless so that everyone could learn more about the AMAZING Total Mobile Protection they offer their customers. So before we get into the details of how FANTASTIC this event was.... I just want to name a few of the awesome benefits of having this protection:

- Coverage for lost, theft, or damage.... this includes water damage guys! I know we've all had those nights when your cell found its way to surfing the waves without you.

- Another REALLY cool perk is that if there are no local stores that are able to repair the damage, Verizon will overnight you a replacement (yes, this includes international travel)

- Your own personal Jacob (the tech coach who was onsite at the event) to teach you absolutely everything about your device.

I'm trying out the Samsung Galaxy S9 for the next 30 Days, and so far my favorite feature is the translation feature! You can literally hold the camera over something like a menu/book that is in another language, and it will translate it to your native language,

So of course, if you're not currently with Verizon Wireless, I know you're kicking yourself right about now.....

Not only are their products phenomenal, but they sure know how to pamper you! There was a nail station where attendees were able to get manicures, a reflexology station to massage out those knots, a Sugar Sugar waxing display, live music, cracked screen phone repairs, an open bar with a signature cocktail for the evening, a dessert station, and delicious tropical themed food catered by Nibblers!

So thank you again Verizon for Spoiling is rotten! My phone and I are definitely ready to catch some rays and take tons of #Selfies

Photography by Kaitlin Meyers


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